I'm Wilma. Girl. No dragon tattoo. I love theatre, history, music that makes me orgasm and taking pictures. I split myself between two places (Stockholm-Tallinn), but wherever my circus goes, there's always a party. If the party does end, I watch cat videos and blog about it all.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mister Lynx and Miss Smith

My vacation started and I came to recover myself in Estonia. 
Basically straight from airport to Romantiku road, where O and M had their birthday party. By the way huge thanks to the birthday children for pushing the dates so I could be with the gang. 

Gangsta rap made me do it:

Enjoying the Estonian bikini weather and worrying about the lack of sunscreen we took with:

The best there is = friends around,
the worst there is = wet crisps:

The wettest bitches around:

"How the hell did I survive a whole year in Estonia?" the Englishman is thinking:


"So you didn't know that vegan condoms excist?" the Berliner said:

"We pray our dicks get big as the Eiffel Tower,
so we could fuck the world for 72 hours":

25 x 365 days around the Sun has made our head spin:

Some things are hard to explain 
(M is smizing his ass off tho):

The best dish there is = big bowl of friends:

The hosts had prepared a very creative quiz. 
Our entry for the Scooter Romantiku style:

The never-ending nights with silly Spotify playlists:

He kisses the hangover away:

"Your breath smells, Wilma!":

"What did we do last night?"

Maybe few men accidentally fell into the black wet hole,
however everyone survived:

It was in your face party:

The Romantiku road through history.

2008-2010 memory and evidence lost in space 

2011 it was girls and cake:

2012 it was shots, pickles and longboard:

2013 it was tattoos and Chrystal Cunt t-shirts:

2014 it was surprise Epifolium concert and blind jumps:

2015 the greatest Spotify playlist was created and tested through:

*happy tears*

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My friend Charlie

First of all ERASMUS is the coolest thing on Earth. European Union rulez!

I met my Scottish friend Charlie while on my exchange uni year in Stockholm. We lived in the same student housing and we met on drunken night bus on our way home. He is genuinely a nice person, he gives out so much positive energy and makes you always feel good in his company. Of course that gentleman is funny as hell, I mean after spending some time with him I start feeling some muscles in my stomach that I never felt before. Although we don't meet that often, it's a true bliss when we do.
Last week we met up in Stockholm .

Everyone needs that feisty piece of ginger in their summer cocktail:

"I know what you did in 2013":

"Brexit, fuck it."

"Look, is that a unicorn?!"

The legendary moments together with Charlie:

1. 5AM on my kitchen floor in Estonia,
showing how we live in Eastern Europe:

2. Charlie and I had a joint birthday party in Lappis, Stockholm.
We were are really into Destiny's Child:

3.Every day at Lidingö student housing,
poco loco sugar loops:

4.Still one of the heartwarming trips I have taken - Scotland.
The people, the scenery, the whiskey!

Until we meet again!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The end of June on a filmroll

Film-rolls are rollin'
and I'm lovin'

Shaved my legs for this:

I didn't change my clothes in the bathroom a second ago...:

Embrace yourselves...

...same picture, a bit different angles are coming up:

My Marta ♡:

My Fred:

After the fancy part, I realised that I had not eaten anything.
Luxurious breakfast coming up:

Triibik ja Täpp:

Totally didn't know that the picture was taken:

I was A and O that day:

You're never too dressed up for local corner-shop:

The girl has done some good,
girl needs cocktail material:

My best friends is fierce, awesome and ginger:

Sometimes I lead,
but on Midsummer eve I follow:

Searching for Jaan:

This is how all the chapters end: