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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Never before seen footage from past three months

My computer said to me "I am full of your shit, please take some actions!" As I started to deleted my useless bathroom selfies and blurry drunken images I came across material that has never seen the daylight.
Life according to Wilma Circus: 
"No blog post, no proof. No blog post, did not happen"

One of the most life changing events during the past three months 
was Erik and Laura moving back to Estonia after six years living in England. I HAVE FRIENDS AGAIN!
The awkward foursome aka the Noah's Ark:

My super talented friend Katrina Vincent Project brought Yannis, Adele and Kendrick into my kitchen.
I am honoured to eat in such good company:

Adulthood aayeah!
Shrimp + cocktails + tipsy on Tuesday:

After playing Game of Thrones the board game for 6 hours 
we had to come out to breathe fresh air, lack of oxygen and thereof: 

The biggest fans of Eurovision are sponsored by Jägermeister:

Maybe some of you still don't understand how much I love Eurovision!

On my birthday I was complete alone in the office and 
joined my colleagues in Helsinki for a planking session via internet.
26, but going strong max 1 minute:

Saddest time of the year is 23th of May 00:01AM,
then I have to wait another 365 (sometimes even 366!) days until it's my birthday again:

First summer at Mustamäe and cannot complain:


Beer is a zipper breaker, you drink, you pee, you drink, you pee.
The clever way to drink is literally on the toilet, 
just take a friend with so it does not become too boring:

The key to proper style is accessorising it right: 

Rammstein was actually quite pink and fluffy:

Driving licence is the best!
Want to drive towards the sunset with your best friend?
Consider it done:

Words cannot describe how much I love him:

Gravity takes a harder toll on him:

As a birthday gift he took me to see a play at Rakvere theatre
and treated me with the best burgers in town. He knows how to treat a lady:


Into the Valley techno festival together with my favourite cocktail HagiElla:

Alright, Little Sam, you just moved to Estonia and during your three short life years it's your first time here. Now let's throw you into most Estonian thing ever, the Song Festival and let's scream together: 

He had never seen so many people!

The moment you fart, but your friend does it as well
and you can share the blame:

Time after time I try to turn this blog into fashion one,
I try my hardest:

Whisper Sisters speakeasy makes the world go round:

How you expect your Tinder date to be...

...the reality of your Tinder date is that you are yet again drinking alone in the corner:

It's is freaky-deaky how alike we are:

Trying to find a place to pee:

"Kids, wait for auntie!"
"Kiiiiiiids, wait for meeeee!"
*4ever alone*

My grandpa and grandma, I love them from tip to toe.
(She said that he is perfect for her, because she wanted a long man with a short name):

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Midsummer 2017 behind the scenes

Erik & Sons LTD has released their take on Midsummer at Hiiumaa 
and I am stealing their thunder.

Embrace yourselves 
pictures of cute dogs and pretty girls are coming up!

Let's start with a classic anecdote - 
the sea star and a girl with four fingers went to a bar...

The baby heard that we forgot 2 litres of Gin on the mainland:

After a long cold winter it's nice to remind our bodies what sweating means:

The moment when girlfriend is so white that you confuse her with a reflector:

One does not simply argue with Grandpa, who in his youth played koroona professionally:

Nevermind Fred,
bit it seems that Ott is grabbing baby mama in the background:

If you're going to San Francisco Hiiumaa,
be sure to wear some flowers in your head.
If you're going to San Francisco Hiiumaa!
You're gonna meet some gentle people there:


More peace and love is established thanks to pancakes instead of guns:

Doggo does yoga:

The chief of We be jammin', we be drummin' tribe:

Little did that boat know that we would come after it that very evening:

It's baffling how much joy one stick can bring:

Beach party:

Aaaaaand Pärna flipped over:

Not a single smile is given:

plätud on jalas:

She is fluent in doggo:

Please Sir, could I have another pancake?

Summer = Wonderfully odd and full of life. 
Very hyper and hard to control at times, but worth the effort. Unabashedly goofy.